Kankakee Development Corporation

kankakee development corporationThe Kankakee Development Corporation gathers the planners, approvers, and vision makers behind Downtown Kankakee. Its board is composed of property owners and people who do business downtown. Events, new businesses, incentives, and even fountains and flowers are discussed and approved by the board and officers that make up the KDC, with a focus on developing and improving the heart of the city. The KDC is dedicated to making Downtown Kankakee even more livable, walkable, and workable.

Kankakee Development Corporation Board Members

  • Lori Anderson
  • Dave Baron
  • Allison Beasley
  • Chris Bohlen
  • Doug Bright
  • Dave Crawford
  • Mark Geoffrey
  • Brad Kuntz
  • Matt Olszewski
  • Amy Rauch
  • Dave Robinson
  • Brian Scott
  • Mark Smith
  • William Yohnka
  • Adam Baumgartner
  • Brad Benoit
  • Jesse Erickson
  • Kara Evans
  • Scott Franco
  • Larry Fullmer
  • Wanda Fullmer
  • Nicole Gavin
  • Terrance Hooper
  • Jasmyne Humble
  • Dustin Kooy
  • Megan Massey
  • Angela Morrey
  • Scott Renville
  • Elise Schilling
  • Scott Smith
  • Christy Smith
  • Alec Schwengler
  • Ken Tousignant
  • Ashley Villarreal

Slate of Officers

  • President - Scott Smith
  • Vice President - Allison Beasley
  • Treasurer - Matt Olszewski
  • Secretary - Lori Anderson
  • Events Partnership - Allison Beasley
  • Marketing - Dave Baron
  • Landscaping - Terrance Hooper / William Yohnka


The Kankakee Development Corporation works with several partners to help make our downtown a standout! Our partners help beautify the area and work to build noteworthy events. Thanks for working with us!

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