Metro Bus Transfer Station Coming Spring 2022

The Spring of 2022 is something Kankakee has been waiting for. The long awaited Kankakee Metro Bus Transfer Station will be completed and ready for use by mid to late spring. 

Downtown Kankakee is looking forward to its new addition. The Metro Bus station will aid the River Valley Metro in transportation efforts to and from the Downtown, and should attract additional people to the area. The River Valley Mass Metro Transit District has been in operation since 1999 and serves more than 350 bus stops in the area. In 2020 alone, the River Valley Metro provided 607,803 rides even with the pandemic restrictions. The City of Kankakee is eagerly awaiting the Metro Bus Station as an addition to its transportation efforts.

The Metro Bus Station is progressing very well and will be located on East Chestnut Street between the 300 blocks of North Schuyler and North Dearborn avenues, right next to Autolab and near the Paramount Theatre. 

The biggest reason for the new addition to the City of Kankakee is to increase safety and security for riders. Before this addition, buses had to park on Chestnut Street to pick up riders. This new project will allow the riders to be able to stay off the street when boarding, allowing for a much more convenient and safer process. 

Metro Bus Station rendering for downtown kankakee

The facility will include covered waiting areas with heated sidewalks, seating areas, security cameras, a restroom for employees, and lots of lighting, further improving Downtown Kankakee safety and curb appeal. The heated sidewalks will prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on walkways which will result in safer conditions for riders. The covered waiting areas and seating will allow riders to be able to wait in a safe area located off of the road, decreasing the chance of accidents or safety hazards. 

Ken Munjoy is the chief operating officer for the River Valley Metro Mass Transit District, and is eagerly awaiting this new addition to Downtown Kankakee. He says they can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and is excited to see the finished project. 

This area has been served by the bus transfer station for years, but safety surrounding the Chestnut street boarding has been an important concern. Safety is one of the city’s top priorities, and this new addition of the Metro Bus Station will be a game changer for everyone.