Downtown is the city center, and we are proud of the community that has naturally developed there. There are countless benefits to living and working downtown, and your partnership and presence will make it complete.

Read below about the perks of doing business downtown, and submit available properties in downtown Kankakee to contribute to the continued advancement and growth of our beloved city.

Downtown Kankakee Incentives

The KDC Façade Program is an incentive to encourage building owners to improve the outside appearance of their buildings for their use or tenants use, as well as allowing for some interior work. To qualify for this program, the project must include a significant improvement to the building’s façade. The program provides a reimbursement of up to 25% of qualified expenses.


The KDC Rent Match Program is an incentive to aid building owners encouraging new business to lease properties in the KDC district. The program matches free rent incentives offered by property owners to new tenant/lessee opening new locations or relocating from outside the KDC district.


The KDC Building Program is an incentive to encourage building owners to reinvest in their buildings for restorative or permanent improvements including the façade. The program provides building owners with rebates totaling up to $15,000 over three years. Under the program, KDC will make three annual payments of 3% of the qualified expenses incurred in improving a building – the first of which, would take place only upon project completion and program requirements fulfilled. This program is open to those taking out loans to complete work, as well as those projects that are self-funded.