Our People

People are the ground to which you can build your culture. We want to highlight the people of Kankakee who are making a difference. It all starts with them. We believe that stories resonate with people it changes their perspective and outlook on life. We want to highlight the people doing good for our area.  Follow us as we chronicle the lives of the heart of downtown Kankakee. 


Our History 

The City of Kankakee was founded in 1853 and soon after was established as the county seat.  But long before that, Kankakee was a gathering point where waterways connected.  Native Americans called the spot Kankakee - or "beautiful land." 

If you look today, you will see the river still flows and we who live along its banks respect it. The trains still whistle in the night and county government still rules from Kankakee. Remnants of the city's past still stand, shoulder to shoulder with the glossy buildings of the present, the past, its glory and its errors, is proudly presented in both historical fashion and in day-to-day life. Commerce, ecology, education and culture are still strong in Kankakee.



We believe rich culture starts with people who value the past and use it to develop the future. Developing takes vision and determination. We love our city past, present and future. Our goal is to highlight the hardworking individuals and companies that make this city run.    Come check out some of the things that we have developed. Everything from Grapes and Hops, Feed Art Center, Access Physical Therapy and much more.