The Kankakee Development Corporation is made up of the planners, approvers, and vision makers behind downtown Kankakee. The board is made up of property owners and people who do business downtown. Events, new businesses, incentives, and even fountains and flowers are discussed and approved by the board and officers that make up the KDC, with a focus on developing and improving the heart of our city. The KDC is dedicated to making Kankakee a vibrant and good-looking community.

Terms Ending 2018
Norm Strasma
Mark Smith
Chris Bohlen
Mark Geoffrey
Willis Johnson
Brad Kurtz
Doug Bright
Jay Tamblyn
Mike O’Brien
Darryl Mest
Matt Olszewski
Dennis Baron
Toni Hassett
Connie Licon
Allison Beasley

Terms Ending 2016
Jeff Smith
Barbi Brewer-Watson
Scott Franco
Dave Tyson
Jeff Bennett
Brenda Zuccullo
Ken Tousignant
Chris Curtis
Donnell Cole
Scott Smith
Connie Mason
Michael Roof
Elizabeth Kubal
Gene Guidici
Nick Allen

President - Chris Curtis
Vice President - Scott Smith
Treasurer - Matt Olszewski
Secretary - Scott Franco
Events Partnership - Allison Beasley
Landscaping - Scott Smith
Marketing - Brad Kuntz
Executive Director - Bill Yohnka